The ISEE Concept:
Holistic Sex Education & Workshops

Project Eve ContributorISEE is an institute offering training programs that provide training and certification for professionals who work, or wish to work, in the field of human sexuality or who wish to gain skills and knowledge in this area. This includes educators, counselors, therapists, health practitioners, researchers, writers, and others. It is also a great place for therapists or psychologists who want more training in matters pertaining to sexual identities, orientations or behaviors. ISEE offers live classes, online webinars, professional advising, and supervision.

We pride ourselves on our attention to our students, and we’re happy to say that our students, faculty and staff have created an amazing community since our inception. We hope you’ll soon be one of the hundreds of people who have benefited from our training.

Contact us for more information, register for a webinar or workshop to check us out, or apply for one of our certificate programs to get you started on your way to becoming a better professional.

ISEE is an approved organizational provider of Continuing Education for the American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT)*, and we also offer other continuing education credits. Our courses include professional development for health care and behavioral health practitioners as well as personal growth workshops for anyone interested in improving their lives, sexually, emotionally, or spiritually. Recorded Webinars for Credit now Available–click here Check out our upcoming classes for 2019. There are many offerings, including weeks of various live workshops that count toward sex education training for AASECT certification*, and a week of sex therapy training also good for AASECT certification*. Click here to scroll through classes or to register. ISEE East Coast: ISEE meets at the beautiful historic Hotel Northampton, in Northampton, Massachusetts in August and March. Northampton is a wonderful, LGBT-friendly town. It boasts a number of restaurants and cafes that fit almost every food need, has 2 theaters, multiple music and dance venues, clubs and more–all walkable, in a classic New England atmosphere. If you haven’t been here, you will fall in love with it. If you have, welcome back! ISEE West Coast: ISEE meets in Portland, OR in 2019 in May and October. *Note: Receipt of AASECT CEs does not guarantee AASECT certification. For more information please visit 

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